sábado, 30 de julho de 2011



terça-feira, 26 de julho de 2011


Canela no Rio Grande Sul, Brasil

quarta-feira, 20 de julho de 2011


I'm traveling to South of Brazil, State of Santa Catarina,
Urubici city and and San Joaquin city.
Here the temperature is 3C° and the estimated temperature for tonight is -2C °
I visited the" Morro do Avencal", it is located about 1185 mt higher than the sea level,
Due to his hight the temperature is always very cold.
There are "Rupestres inscriptions in this place, such as the ones in the photos below.

Address: Morro Avencal

Important archaeological site in the state of Santa Catarina, on the way to San Joaquin. According to researchers at the petroglyphs etched in Morro Avencal were left by people who inhabited the region at least 3,000 years. The most significant is the perfect image of a face, "the Guardian Mask."

domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Sunset in Santana de Parnaíba

Sunset in Santana de Parnaíba
This picture was taken today,in
front of the window of my studio,
I was doing the outline of "Anna" see (
When I Noticed at the sun setting on horizon.
I Hope you enjoy it!

sábado, 2 de julho de 2011


I used charcoal and acrylic paint
to build this design,
in my sketches I always use pieces of burned wood,
from fallen tree limbs on the ground, I choose the finest and burn in an oven to bake own bread.

Eu usei carvão e tinta acrílica
para construir este projeto,
em meus esboços Eu sempre uso pedaços de madeira queimada,
a partir de galhos de árvores caídos no chão, eu escolho o melhor e queimo em um forno próprio para assar pães.