quinta-feira, 23 de junho de 2011


It's hard i remember what are the colors That make up
That this the bluish green just above the head the
Doll, However in this case I wrote down on paper the colors I used
Phthalocyanine blue (powder) cadimio yellow (powder)
titanium dioxide (powder, TiO2).
I like the effect of this green. Sub shades of green:
20% phthalocyanine green,
60% of yellow cadimio,
Dixiodo 20% titanium (powder).
The tone of the color of wood That Same mimics the color of the doll "Model"
figure used in lacquer red, yellow cadimio, tinaneo dioxide.
was composed as follows:
70% red lacquer,
28% yellow cadimio
2% carbon black (powder)
I hope that you enjoy this mess of colors:)))

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